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Welcome To LiteMage!!!

Your very self hosted Content Managemant System witth and easy to use but powerfull file manager.

LiteMage is a very light php script but powerfully engine to manage larget scall CMS website in a very fast and secure way.

LiteMage is a created for a multipurpose system it can either be used for Magazine website where company or organisation share news and topic or use for Blogers to mobilize trafics and generate income. It can also be use for bothe system or more!.

LiteMag come with a very light but powerful built in file manager system where files and media can be securly upload and be use either in the website or outside the website.
All file are hosed on you server (Self Hosted).

LiteMag provide a very simple newsletter feature we visiter can easily subscribe for newsletter and admin can controll all subscribers and news letters.

We implement ability for the system to track visiter and give monthly trafic report base on yearly.

Are you looking for a self hosted cms application then LiteMag has all the feature you need.

Built with Codeigniter 4 web base php application.

Admin Panel url:


Login credential are there for you just click on login to explore the demo.


Authors Panel


email: author@demo.com

pass: 12345678

Note: Some feature are disable in the demo

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